What is Marzipan?

What is Marzipan? Marzipan options available at Alpine Market

If you’ve visited Europe, you’ve seen it, but what is Marzipan?

I had never heard of marzipan before I lived in Germany. The first few times I heard it mentioned I thought it was just a German word I didn’t know. I was surprised to learn that it is actually called the same thing in the United States. We just don’t use it very often. So what is marzipan?

Marzipan, also called almond paste, is usually made with almond flour or ground almond meal, sugar, and egg whites. It is easily molded which makes it great for decorating cakes and creating custom shaped candies. In that way it is a lot like fondant which has become very popular lately from cake decorating TV shows, but I actually think that marzipan is much better than fondant because its not just sugar. I’m not saying marzipan is healthy or low calorie because it certainly isn’t, but compared to fondant it is a healthier choice for decorating your cakes.

What is Marzipan? Try Ritter Sport dark chocolate covered marzipan

What is marzipan used for? If you travel to Europe, you’ll see marzipan in many different ways. In Germany, marzipan is used in different varieties of stollen, the cakes that are popular during Christmas time, marzipan pigs are commonly given and eaten for New Year’s, and dark chocolate covered marzipan is made by most candy bar companies. Marzipan did have a stint of popularity in the United States back in the sixties and seventies. Then it was popular for housewives to mold and decorate marzipan into tiny fruit shapes.

To best understand marzipan, get out and try some. You can usually find it in the bakery section of your supermarket but it can be pricey. At Alpine Market we stock it affordably and in different sizes depending on how much you need. At our market you’ll also find many imported products made with marzipan. My favorite is the Ritter Sport dark chocolate covered marzipan. Come in and try some today!

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  • Lucy


    I would like to know if “quark” is available at the village market. My family craves topfenstrudel.


    • @HaylzBellz

      Yes, we do! We have regular, low fat, and no fat.

  • Sam

    I can not found nowhere on you web open hours of your lunch(deli) “die Kantine” by grocery store.

    • @HaylzBellz

      I apologize. The café is open Monday – Friday 11am – 3pm and on Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 4pm. I will update the cafe & Deli section of the website now.

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