Euro Bierfest Spotlight: Snorri’s Awakening

Snorri's Awakening at Euro Bierfest

Around this time last summer, Alpine Restaurant hosted our inaugural European Beer Festival. On June 27th we expect 500 beer lovers to come through our doors for the second annual Euro Bierfest. We pride ourselves in selecting unique, exceptional, and hard to find beers. One example of that standard is “Snorri’s Awakening” coffee pale ale, a collaboration of Yard’s Brewery from Philidelphia, Einstök Olgerd from Iceland, and La Colombe Coffee Roasters. Snorri’s Awakening is named after the 13th century Icelandic teacher and poet Snorri Sturluson who collected, standardized, and wrote many of the Norse myths that are now familiar around the world. The beer is truly an awakening of the senses as it combines roasted coffee beans, often added to stouts and porters, with the crisp, refreshing hops of a pale ale. With so few kegs of this beer available nationwide, we at Alpine Village are very proud that we were able to snag one for our event. So, get your tickets in advance and enjoy this noteworthy brew along with over 60 other at Alpine Village Euro Bierfest!

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