Upgrade Your Snacking with these 4 Spring Favorites Great for Easter

German born filmmaker Anna Thomas said, “We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” I myself am a firm believer in that way of thinking. With all of the great food in the world, why waste a single meal eating something sub-par. That also goes for snacks between meals. Different people have different opinions on weather or not snacking is good for you. I don’t know which is correct, but I do know that planned snacking is much better than a spontaneous trip to the vending machine. And since you’re taking the time to plan your snacks, make a trip to Alpine Market and upgrade your snacks to these delicious German spring sweets. With Easter right around the corner, try some of these for basket stuffers and be sure to join us for the Alpine Village Easter Faire and Frühlingsfest!


Kinder Chocolate.

Turn in your hershey’s candybar for something really worth sinking your teeth into. Kinder chocolate was started 60 years ago, is made of quality ingredients, and served in small portions making it perfect for children. It has quality German milk chocolate on the outside and a creamy milk center that’s so delicious we won’t blame the parents for enjoying this treat too.


Kinder Bueno

Put down that Kit Kat and reach for a Kinder Bueno instead. This is a sophisticated snack that combines milk and dark chocolate over a crisp wafer with a creamy hazelnut center. And because the calories are fairly low (considering), you won’t feel at all guilty for not sharing.


Bahlsen Leibniz Butter Biscuits

Bahlsen first introduced their Leibniz Butter Biscuits to the world in 1891, and they have been a favorite snack for Europeans ever since. Its difficult to categorize the Leibniz Butter Biscuits because they’re not what Americans think of as a biscuit but also not as sweet as a cookie. The flavor is perfectly balanced for a wide variety of snacking combinations. Have them with some nutella on top and you’ll never ask for another Oreo.


Haribo German Goldbären

Haribo Goldbären are the original gummy bears or gummi bärchen and are made with all the best ingredients. Haribo has recently started producing and selling their products in the United States but if you do a side by side comparison of the American and German versions of their gummy bears, you’ll notice a big difference in taste and texture. The German gold bears tend to have a stiffer texture which never bothered Germans, but I guess they thought they needed to change the recipe to satisfy American children. The American version also includes certain artificial colors and flavors that you won’t find in the original. At Alpine Market, we sell both but its the original Haribo Goldbären that our customers love best!

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