Euro Bierfest Spotlight: Petrus Aged Red

Petrus Aged Red at Euro Bierfest

Sour beer has been gaining popularity all across the United States in recent years, but at Petrus in Belgium they’ve been a passion since the 19th century. Petrus ages their sour beer in special French oak barrels called foeders for 24 months. They encourage mixing the aged pale, the sourest of their beers, with varieties of other beers that they make to create different combinations of flavors and degrees of sourness. That’s what they’ve done with the Petrus Aged Red. It is 15% pale and 85% dubbel bruin with cherries. This puts it lower on the sour scale and therefore a great gateway sour for yourself or a friend who may be timid about trying sours. Luckily you won’t have to fly out to Belgium to try this tart tease for the tastebuds. We’ve got Petrus Aged Red and 60 other beers from accross Europe available for the tasting at our 2nd annual Euro Bierfest. Get your tickets now and join us on June 27th!

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