Are you prepped for the perfect picnic? Find out what 5 favorite foods our customers are buying.

The weather is warming up and both Germans and Californians share a love of the outdoors. Why stay cooped up in the dining room just because it’s lunchtime? With great foods from our Alpine Market, you can pack a perfect picnic.


You are probably already aware of the delicious European meats in our deli for making steamy brats or deliciously stacked sandwiches, but we think you’ll also fall in love with these five items that are favorites of both our American and European customers alike!


1. Hengstenberg Bavarian Sauerkraut:

Many Americans aren’t sure what sauerkraut is exactly, but it is actually a pretty healthy addition to your meats and can be served raw like in a vegetable salad. It is very low in calories and high in vitamin C. The Hengstenberg brand that we sell in our market is made with just 4 ingredients: white cabbage, white wine, salt and ascorbic acid.

2. Dusseldorfer Mustard:

When it comes to strong mustards, many chefs consider Dusseldorf’s to have the best flavor even more so than Dijon. Dusseldorf is a city in Western German on the Rhine and mustards from that region are made exclusively with brown and yellow mustard seeds, unfiltered spirit vinegar, salt, sugar, spices, and the special lime and mineral rich water of Dusseldorf. The mustard husks are triple grinded leaving a bright, creamy consistency and a malt brown color. The Dusseldorfer mustard comes in a very cute reusable beer glass.



3. Kruegermann Gourmet Pickles:

These pickles are served in the German Hausfrauenart style. Hausfrauenart translates to homemaker, so the pickles are made in the same way as if you canned them yourself with only the best ingredients. They pack the jars full of cucumbers or Frischgurken and then add Hausfrauenart brine, onions, herbs, and a blend of spices.



4. Lorenz Curly Peanut Classic:

This chip-like snack is a favorite in Germany and can be difficult to find in the states. Luckily the Alpine Market keeps it in stock year round. The “peanuts” are made of puffed corn, peanut kernels, and palm oil. Think cheese puffs but without all of those junk ingredients and of course with the unique peanut flavor.


5. Lorenz Paprika Crunchips:

Want a healthy snack in the potato family? Our customers can’t get enough of these crunchips! They are light and fluffy potato chips seasoned with sunflower oil, salt, and paprika and onion powders. Again these are a snack staple in Germany and our market is one of the few places around where you can pick up a bag for your family!


The weather is far too beautiful to stay cooped up inside, so stop by our market and pick up these healthy and tasty items to fill your picnic basket today. Please share and comment below to let us know what some of your favorite European imports are!

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