Oktoberfest Food for Your Oktoberfest Party

Oktoberfest Food

Kick up your themed party another notch with some delicious Oktoberfest Food!

Nothing fuels your appetite quite like partying with friends and loved ones. When you host your own Oktoberfest party don’t forget these traditional favorites:

Bratwurst Oktoberfest food

Of course you’ll want to serve sausages. Grilled or boiled, they are a must have Oktoberfest food at your Oktoberfest party. All of the sausage sold at Alpine Village are made in our deli daily. Every week, we stuff 10,000lbs of sausages ensuring our guests a fresh and flavorful meal. Some of my favorite types that we make are the Polish, Knachwurst, Chicken Chilie Verde, Jabeñero Cheddar, and the traditional Wiener.

You’ll want to have fresh, hot pretzels to appease your Oktoberfest guests. Our bakers make them fresh every day and they always sell out, so come early. The bakery also makes pretzel buns and rolls which can go great with your meal. Each a perfect Oktoberfest food for your party!

pretzels make a great Oktoberfest Food for your party
sauerkraut the perfect Oktoberfest Food
Düsseldorfer Mustard goes with all of your Oktoberfest food

And now for the trimmings: You absolutely must have sauerkraut. My personal favorite is the red cabbage or rot khol. It’s sweeter than traditional sauerkraut and Alpine Market sells it at a lower price than I’ve seen anywhere else in the US. For mustards, we’ve got you covered. The market stocks more mustards than you could taste in a month, and so many different varieties. I recently stumbled upon a wasabi one that I love to mix with Curry Ketchup.

Finally desert. I mentioned our bakers at Alpine Market Bakery make fresh pretzels, but they also make some mouth watering desserts. They make the traditional danishes and cookies of many different varieties, as well as cakes to take home and cakes made to order. If you’re sticking to the Oktoberfest theme why not have your favorite cake made and decorated to look like your favorite thing about Oktoberfest. Here is a cake that our bakers made for my husband’s birthday:

Decorated cake for Oktoberfest
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