Oktoberfest Beer For Your Oktoberfest Party

We can’t think of anything better to serve the guests at your Oktoberfest party than a fine German Oktoberfest Beer!

Did you know that Oktoberfest is not only a festival but also a style of beer? Oktoberfest, the festival, began as a wedding celebration for Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony in 1810 and developed into an annual celebration of prosperity and Gemütlichkeit. As the festival grew, brewers began to anticipate the September increase in sales and would set aside barrels of their Märzen style beer, brewed in the spring, to be later served at Oktoberfest. The months of aging in the barrels gave the beer a darker color and a totally new flavor. This new style of beer began to be known as Oktoberfest and now breweries all over the world make Oktoberfest beer every year.

In the next week or so, Alpine Market will begin receiving the 2015 Oktoberfest beers from German breweries such as Warsteiner and Paulaner. If you decide to host your own Oktoberfest party or you’re headed to a friend’s special event, you should pick up a case of one of these Oktoberfest beers, and you will make everyone very happy. Last year my fellow O-Girls and I learned about Oktoberfest beer from our beer 101 professor Todd Worley. We tasted the Warsteiner Oktoberfest beer and discussed its flavor and what makes it different from other styles. You can watch that video here.

Todd teaches us about Oktoberfest Beer
Warsteiner Oktoberfest Beer at Alpine Village
Oktoberfest beer for your oktoberfest party
Oktoberfest beer for your oktoberfest party
Oktoberfest beer for your oktoberfest party
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  • Maribel Rubio

    Hi I have question regarding OKTOBERFEST tickets. Will tickets be available tomorrow and is the festival still going to be open? Likewise is there a specific website to purchase tickets?

    • Alpine Village

      We will not be hosting Oktoberfest this year unfortunately.

  • S V JR

    Oh man hopefully next year !