Jäger is for More than just Bombs! 3 drink recipes made with this delicious German Liquor brand

When you’re out celebrating with your friends, it never seems to be too long before someone comes up with the idea to do a round of Jäger shots or two or three. More often than not, those drinkers end up regretting it the next morning. That sort of consumption has given Jäger a bad relationship with many of our bar goers, so I set out to remedy the reputation of this favorite  German liquor brand and remind you readers that Jäger is form more than just bombs.

In order to learn more about Jägermeister I met with our head bartender and my beer professor Todd Worley at the Alpine Restaurant. Did you know that Jägermeister is an herbal liquor that contains 56 different botanicals and takes a whole year just to make one bottle? That kind of art should really be sipped and appreciated not just shot back in one go. Todd taught me that the word Jägermeister means “master of hunters” and in old Bavaria the master of hunters not only brought meat to the lords and butchers but he also took care of all of the animals in his region. It was important to maintain the health of the wildlife and keep the ecosystem balanced. In doing that, he learned about all of the plants and herbs around him that could be used for healing should one of his flock get injured or sick, and that makes the term Jägermeister a perfect name for this healing beverage.

The brand Jägermeister was introduced in the mid 1930’s but herbal liquors like it have existed long before that, and they all came about as medicinal remedies to soothe the stomach and promote overall health. In Germany, Jäger is often sipped at the end of a meal to ease digestion, which is all well and good, but I wanted to learn a few tastier ways to appreciate the master of hunters. Todd shared 3 great Jäger drink recipes with me and now I’m going to pass those on to all of you. Enjoy!

Sexy Alligator:

For this layered beauty, start by chilling a martini glass. Then in a shaker mix 1oz. of Midori melon liqueur and 1oz. or more to taste of pineapple juice. Shake with ice and pour into your chilled martini glass. Then pour 1oz. of an amaretto liqueur like Disaronno against the inside of the martini glass so that it sinks to the bottom. Then finish off with ½ to ¾ oz. of Jäger and float it on top by pouring it over a bar spoon or a cherry. That is one sexy alligator!

Oatmeal Cookie shot:

Just shake together almost equal amounts of Jäger, Bailey’s, and cinnamon schnapps (traditionally made with Goldschlagger) with ice. The measurements are roughly ½ oz. of Jäger, ½ oz. of cinnamon schnapps, ¾ oz. of Bailey’s and Todd likes to add a splash of butterscotch schnapps for a little extra flavor. I loved this shot and I think the butterscotch made it taste more like a Snicker Doodle cookie!

Jäger and soda:

Todd thinks this drink is the most sophisticated of these three cocktails and a great way to impress your date or your bartender. Pour a good shot of Jäger over ice. Fill with soda water and top with a lemon twist. Make sure to actually twist the lemon and rub the edge of the glass with it so that on the first sip you get the flavor of the lemon. Todd says this is a great way to drink Jäger because the combination of the soda water and lemon break up all of those 56 flavors in the Jägermeister and allow you to taste them all as apposed to the overpowering licorice flavor that most people notice. I found this drink absolutely yummy and refreshing and I hope you do too!

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Special thanks to Todd Worley for keeping all of us at the Alpine Restaurant happy and hydrated!

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