Alpine Market Bakery

Welcome to the Alpine Market Bakery page! We have a wide variety of baked goods at our market that are made fresh daily. Picture below are some select highlights, however we have more that what is pictured here on this page. At the very bottom of this page you will also find a more thorough listing of our  standard bakery items. This doesn’t include seasonal specials or favorites at the Alpine Market Bakery, so be sure to stop by during the holidays to see what treats we have in store!


Early each morning our bakers roll up their sleeves and get to work producing authentic European-style baked goods such as  homemade tortes, pastries, breads, and rolls. Our pretzels have an absolutely addictive taste and texture that you must try!


Decorated cake for Oktoberfest

Having a wedding or party? Our talented cake designers can custom design cakes of such beauty that it would a shame to slice up….if the cake wasn’t so delicious that is!

To place an order for any of our baked goods, cookies or decorated cakes, call (310) 327-2483 ext 235.


Alpine Rye Loaf

Pumpernickel Loaf

Six Grain Loaf

Kommis Loaf

Vollkorn Loaf

French Vienna Loaf

Farmer’s Bread Loaf

Square White Bread

Hefezopf Loaf

Egg Bread Loaf

Shepherds Bread

Poppy Seed Roll


Pretzel Rolls

Alpine Rolls


Dutch Crunch Rolls

French Rolls

Salt Sticks

German Rolls

Egg Bread Rolls

Pumpernickel Rolls


German Chocolate

Hazelnut CAKE

Mocha CAKE


Black Forest Cake

Poppy Seed CAKE

Cardamon Ring

Cherry Slice Cake

Cream Horn

Chocolate Horn

Cream Puff

Marzipan Potato


Sweet Pretzels

Fruit Turnovers

Bear Claws

Cheese Danishes

Custard Danishes

Poppy Seed Danishes

Fruit Danishes

Large Rum Balls


Fruit Tarts



Breads Cake Pastries Cookies
6-Grain Bread Almond Cake Slices Apple Danishes – Large Almond Bar  – Sugar Free
6-Grain Raisin Walnut Apple Cake Slices Apple Strudel  Almond Horns
6-Grain Rolls Apple Cheese Cake 7″  Apple Turnovers  Apricot Rugulas
 Alpine Rolls Apple Cheese Cake Slices  Apricot Danishes  Bisse/ Merengues
 Alpine Rye Bread Apricot Marzipan  Bear Claws Butter Cookies – Assorted
 Alpine Rolls Bienenstch Slices  Cardamon Rings Butter Cookies Chocolate Dipped
 Bavarian Rye Bread  Black Forest Cake 7″ and 9″  Cheese Danishes  Butter Spirtz
 Caraway Rye Bread  Canollies  Cheese Danishes – Large  Chocolate Chip
 Dutch Crunch Rolls  Carrot Cake Slices  Cherry Danishes  Chocolate Non-chews
 Egg Bread  Cheese Cake 7″  Cherry Danishes – Large  Chocolate Rugulas
 Egg Bread Rolls  Cheese Cake Slices  Cherry Turnovers  Cinnamon Crisps
 Farmers Rye Bread  Cherry Cake 7″  Chocolate Chip Danishes  Florentines
 French Baguettes  Cherry Cake Slices  Cinnamon Pecan Danishes  Gingerbread Cookies
 French Rolls – Large  Chocolate Cake 7″ and 9″  Cinnamon Twists  Hazelnut Fingers
 French Rolls – Small  Chocolate Cake Slices  Cream Puffs  Hazelnut Spirtz
 French Vienna Bread   Cream Cheese Slices  Croissants Heart Cookies Chocolate Dipped
 German Rolls  Dobosh  Crumb Cakes Heart Cookies w/ Raspberry
 Hefezopf  Fresh Fruit Cake 7″ and 9″  Eclairs  Linzer Cookies
 Holiday Bread  German Chocolate Cake 7″and 9″  Fruit Tarts  Macaroons – Assorted
 Irish Soda Bread  German Chocolate Cake Slices  Granatas  Nut Horns – Sugar Free
 Limpa Bread  Hazelnut Cake 7″ and 9″  Hazelnut Rolls  Pfeffernuesse Cookies
 Poppy Seed Rolls  Hazelnut Cake Slices  Hot Cross Buns  Raspberry Rugula
Potato Rolls  Linzer Torte 7″  Marble Pound Cake  Spingerle Cookies
Pretzels  Marzipan Potato  Poppy Seed Danishes
Pretzel Rolls  Marzipan Cake 7″  Poppy Seed Danishes – Large
Pumperknickel Bread  Marzipan Cake Slices  Poppy Seed Rings
Pumperknickel Rolls  Mocha Cake 7″ and 9″  Prune Danishes
Raisin Bread  Mocha Cake Slices  Raisin Danishes
Round White Bread  Napoleon Slices  Rum Balls
Rye Rolls  Nussecken  Rum Stollen
Salt Sticks  Poppy Seed Cake 7″  Strawberries – Chocolate Dipped
Shepherds Bread  Poppy Seed Cake Slices  Sweet Pretzels
Sourdough Baguettes  Princess Torte 7″
 Square White Bread  Rum Cake 7″ and 9″
 Rum Cake Slices
Sacher Torte 7″
 Strawberry Cake Slices
 Walnut Cake Slices