We have many varieties of artisan, European and German sausages. Below are just some of the selection you’ll find in our store. If you are looking for authentic and award-winning European and German sausages in Southern California then there is only one place to come: The Alpine Market.


German sausage: Smoked Bratwurst

Smoked Bratwurst

The king of German sausages! This pork sausage is flavored with cardamom, garlic and seasonings. Try poaching it in beer before grilling, or pan-frying with a light sprinkle of brown sugar to give it color.

German sausage: German Hot Dog

Wiener (Frankfurter)

Vienna sausages are finely ground sausages of pork that are lightly spiced. Our best-selling German sausage!


Polish Kielbasa

A pork sausage with a heavy garlic flavor.

Nurnberger German Bratwurst

Nürnberger Bratwurst

Thin and long sausages made of pork, these bratwursts are lightly spiced with salt, pepper, cardamom, ginger and lemon powder. The recipe dates back to 1313!

German sausage: Weisswurst


First created in Munich, weisswurst is a pork sausage that is lightly spiced with onion, ginger, salt and pepper. This German sausage is made to be boiled, peeled out of its casing and enjoyed.

German sausage: Bavarian Weisswurst

Bavarian Weisswursst

Traditionally eaten boiled and before noon, the Bavarian Weisswurst German sausage features finely ground meat, no preservatives, light spices and sprinkles of parsley throughout.

German sausage: currywurst


Infused with Indian curry spice makes a sausage with a bit more heat and character than you’ll typically find in a traditional German sausage.

German sausage: Knockwurst


Pork and sausage stuffed into natural casings and smoked for even more flavor. Knackwurst is native to Holstein, Germany and makes a great sandwich when sliced.

Smoked Polish Sausage

Smoked Polish

Salt, garlic and marjoram flavor this pork and beef sausage. The Polish sausages from Alpine Market are a bit on the spicy side which is conducive to beer drinking!

Hungarian Debreceni

Hungarian Debreceni

Semi-dry pork, liberally spiced with garlic and paprika. Alpine Market debreceni can be kept without refrigeration and are delicious when sliced on crackers or pan-fried to release the fat flavor.

Smoked Hungarian Sausage

Smoked Hungarian

The Hungarian sausage is characterized by the rich color and flavor of paprika. These pork sausages are fantastic on a bun or simply on a plate with sauerkraut.

German Sausage: Landjaeger


A semi-dry sausage of pork, beef and black pepper that is smoked to its full, rich flavor. This sausage was meant to be taken on hikes and adventures: it does not need refrigeration!

Andouille Sausage


These Louisiana-style hot links are made with pork and red pepper that yield a fiery flavor. A sausage made to be finished off with a pilsner or hoppy pale ale!

Spicy chicken sausage

Spicy Chicken Habanero

A chicken sausage flavored with habanero peppers to give it a nicely balanced medium heat.

Chicken Herb Sausage

Chicken Herb

Ground chicken mixed with pepper, nutmeg, caraway and a variety of herbs in a natural casing. A very mild-flavored sausage.

Chicken chile verde sausage

Chicken Chile Verde

Green chile and cumin brace this chicken sausage with heat and acidic flavors.

Jalepeno Cheddar Sausage

Jalapeño Cheddar

Jalapenos and cheddar cheese are sprinkled into this pork sausage to give it medium heat and savory flavor. Delicious!

Hungarian sausage: Smoked Gyulai


A Hungarian dry pork sausage that doesn’t require refrigeration. Slice it thin and make a sandwich out of it or eat it with cheese.

Pfalzer sausage

Pfalzer Leberwurst

Made with pork and liver meant to be spread on rye bread with mustard.

Ring Bologna at

Ring Bologna

Pork and garlic is finely ground and formed into a long, curled link. This sausage begs to be pan-fried and served with your favorite toppings.

German sausage: Berliner Rauch

Berliner Rauch

A dry ring of pork German sausage flavored with garlic, carroway and other spices. Slice it thin as you would salami, though it doesn’t require refrigeration.