Go to Steinfest in Costume and Get In Free!

People are really excited that they can come to Steinfest on Friday, April 15th in costume and get in free. We’re excited too, because we think wearing a costume is one way to ensure a great time at Steinfest. So that there’s no confusion, I want to clarify what exactly makes a costume that will get you in for free. While wearing a festive hat or t-shirt is encouraged, I’m afraid it is not enough. And while Halloween costumes can add to the party atmosphere, they will not get you free entry. Basically there are 3 types of costumes you can choose to get in free, and each one has a variety of ways it can be pulled off.

And remember: there will be a contest and prizes for the best costumes!



Traditional, costume, or home-made, Lederhosen may be the most versatile Bavarian costume that will increase your fun at Halftoberfest and get you in for free. The traditional lederhosen are made of leather and can be short or long. Many people make their own versions too and they turn out looking great. Check out this article by Schmeidi 3 Ways to Strut Your Lederhosen Style at Oktoberfest. Basically a lederhosen costume consists of Shorts (length may vary), Tall Socks, Suspenders, and a Bavarian style hat. And they aren’t just for the boys either. When girls wear lederhosen, we call them LADYhosen.

Faux Lederhosen are also easy to pull off on a budget. Get a pair of khaki shorts, some suspenders, a button down white or flannel long-sleeved shirt, high hiking socks and boots, a fedora or any other brimmed hat and a bandana around your neck, and BOOM! You just saved $10 at the door.



This is the traditional Bavarian women’s wear seen at Oktoberfest and in beer halls around the world. It is most well known for how well it enhances a woman’s natural “assets”. The dirndl does not discriminate however; We’ve seen this costume worn by men, women, and bearded women alike. Weather you come in a traditional dirndl or the sexy costume style, you’re ensured free entry and a great night at Halftoberfest!


The Chicken

No one is quite sure how the chicken became a staple at Oktoberfest. It may be because we do the “chicken dance” although in German its called the Enten Tanz or “duck dance,” or it may be because people love eating chicken at the fest. Regardless, the chicken goes with Steinfest like Santa goes with Christmas, and we are always happy to celebrate with giant chickens. So don your feathers on the 20th and we’ll let you in for free! Remember, its got to be a full costume. Just a chicken hat, while fun, is not enough.

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