Euro Bierfest Spotlight: BraufactuM German Craft Beer

German Craft Beer from BraufactuM

I would expect that most of our customers who are looking forward to Alpine Village’s 2nd annual Euro Bierfest aren’t expecting to taste craft beer at the event, but we actually have two German craft beer styles coming to us from the brewery BraufactuM. Established in 2010 as an offset of Radeberger, BraufactuM was the first German brewery of its kind to actually brew “craft” styles, and is now considered a pioneer in its country with more and more breweries branching out into the land of craft every year. This Saturday you will be able to taste their Progusta IPA and their Palor Pale Ale.

German Craft Beer Progusta Harvest from BraufactuM
Progusta IPA

Head brewer Dr. Marc Rauschmann created this German craft beer in the 18th century style of the original Indian pale ale. The style came about when large quantities of hops would be added to the beer shipping to Indian in order to preserve it on its long journey. With a red color and moderate head, Progusta has aromas of Apricot, orange, cashew nuts, curry, ginger and elder blossom. This particular IPA combines American Magnum and Citra hops with German Hallertauer and Mittelfrüh hops further validating its claim as a German craft beer.

German Craft Beer tasting notes for Progusto
German Craft Beer Palor pale ale from BraufactuM
Palor Pale Ale

This German craft beer is modeled after the traditional English pale ale style. It has a beautiful vanilla color and a nice full head for a pale ale. You may notice its aroma of mountain blossoms, mint and pine honey, but what makes it unique is that it is made with a never-before-used variety of hops called Polaris. BraufactuM also used Cascade hops giving this German craft beer a fresh, crisp  taste with a tangy finish.

German craft beer pallor pale ale
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