Euro Bierfest Spotlight: Deliria Beer

Delirium Brewery out of Belgium brings you Deliria Beer!

You may recognize Delirium by its iconic pink elephant label, but you may not have known that Delirium is made at Huyghe Brewery in Belgium. Once a year, in honor of International Women’s Day, Huyghe kicks out their male staff and allows all of the female brewers (this past year there were 10) to work together to create Delirium beer, a one of a kind and very limited edition brew which can be difficult to procure once available. Luckily Alpine Village was able to get Delirium Beer in stock for our second annual Euro Bierfest this Saturday June 27th. You can expect a heavy blonde at 8.5% ABV that is fermented a second time in the bottle. Delirium beer has a “pale blonde color and fine, white creamy and lacing foam. The aroma is very balanced, with a fruity and flowery background and a first impression of chardonnay, that further evolves to a spicy, mild hop aroma. The flavor is very balanced with fruity notes of apple and chardonnay grapes. Deliria beer has a fine, mildly bitter aftertaste and a wonderful, round mouth feeling with a nice evolution.” – From the Delirium website. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, do so now by clicking below, or arrive early Saturday morning with a thirst to find and fall in love with new beers from all across Europe!

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