Bananaweizen: German Beer Cocktail Recipe

Germans are famous for their beer consumption. Many Americans wonder how they can drink so much beer so often and still remain functional. The fact is that unlike some Americans, they know how take things in moderation. Why not have a beer for lunch, when its mixed in a great German beer cocktail? Try this recipe and start experimenting on your own and you’ll discover new, fun ways to enjoy your beer without a hangover the next day.

Our market manager Silvia Bennett grew up in Bavaria and one thing she misses from home is the German beer cocktails served there. She shared this recipe with us so that everyone can enjoy this yummy beverage. It just so happens, that we have all of the ingredients you need right here in the Alpine Market and Bottle Shop!

Bananaweizen Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • 1 tall wheat or pint glass
  • 1 bottle German hefewezsen (we recommend Franziskaner)
  • Banana juice

– Simply Pour the banana juice into your glass to 1/3rd full, then top off with your hefeweizen. You’ll love this new concoction!

Franziskaner Hefeweizen mixes great with this German beer cocktail
Looza banana juice makes the perfect German beer cocktail
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