Our Handcrafted Sausages

Discover why handcrafted sausages from our German deli are the best in southern California.

If you are looking for authentic, handcrafted, and award-winning sausages in Southern California then there is truly only one place to come:  The Alpine Market. We produce a variety of German sausages including bratwurst, landjager, weisswurst, liverwurst as well as some traditional favorites like Polish kielbasa. If you show up early enough you might even catch our Wurst expert Alex Lagger hard at work. That’s what I wanted to do, so I went into Alpine Village extra early to see what goes into making our delicious sausage and to get an interview with the Wurst expert himself.

In my interview I learned all of the dozens of sausages we make, and that they’re not all German. We make 10,000 pounds of sausage a week and that includes of course traditional German sausage but also meats and sausages from all over Europe, and Alex even has a few of his own unique recipes as well. After talking with him, he sent me home with a box full of a dozen different sausage styles, so I invited my friends over for a good ol’ fashioned sausage-fest, and they were very grateful. I tried out every kind of sausage. There were the ones that I already knew I loved like the smoked bratwurst. The German hot dogs or “wieners” were a huge hit with everyone, and another big crowd pleaser was the Hungarian sausage. I was surprised to find that I liked the spicier ones myself, and while the habanero chicken was too spicy for me to handle, the chicken chili verde ended up being my over all favorite. But of course, don’t take my word for it. Come to the market yourself and perhaps you’ll discover some new favorites too! For a complete list of sausages sold at Alpine Market, be sure to check out our European and German Sausages page for more information.

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  • David Herrera

    My go-to place for gourmet sausages! Alex is the best, a real craftsman. 0