How to Make an Oktoberfest Costume at Home

Once you have your beer, giant pretzels, polka music, and chicken dancing there’s really only one more thing that will make your Oktoberfest celebration the absolute best that it can be: a stylish Oktoberfest costume. Most costume stores offer lederhosen and dirndl (the German beer wench dress) options, but for this blog I wanted to teach you how you can put a costume together on your own either to save money or just to have something totally unique. So I grabbed my fellow O-Team member  Porter and headed to one of our favorite local thrift stores, Iguana Vintage Clothing, for some fun and inspiration.

Lederhosen: It is Oktoberfest-proven that when you wear lederhosen, your bier tastes better and the frauleins will find you irresistible. This ensemble is very easy to put together on your own. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Shorts (leather if you can find them, but it isn’t necessary)
  • Pair of suspenders
  • An open-necked shirt or t-shirt of your choice
  • Knee high socks
  • Brown or black dress shoes or boots
  • Hat with feather

Dirndl: This traditional dress is German-engineered to highlight every woman’s assets. You can start from scratch or use a dress you already have and turn it into a dirndl. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Peasant dress or a flowing skirt and blouse combination
  • Bra-less Corset
  • Apron
  • Knee high socks
  • Black shoes
  • Ribbon
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