Game Watch Schedule

(Note: doors open 1 hour before games being viewed)


We will be showing all 7am and later games during the World Cup tournament as broadcast live from Russia.  We are not usually open for breakfast or on Monday’s or Tuesday’s typically, but World Cup is so much a part of Alpine Village that we have no choice.  It’s in our DNA!  We are open for almost ALL of the games being played this year.

The World Cup only happens every FOUR years.  Since the games are mostly early in the morning, we have prepared a special breakfast menu with special foods and drinks.  These are not to be missed and a great way to start off your day!

Stop in, take in a game or two with friends, or come and make some new friends, have breakfast or lunch, enjoy our game day specials, and be ready to cheer


6/14 – Thursday
8:00 Russia vs Saudi Arabia

6/15 – Friday
5:00 Egypt vs Uruguay (closed)
8:00  Morocco vs Iran
11:00 Portugal vs Spain

6/16 – Saturday
3:00  France vs Australia (closed)
6:00  Argentina vs Iceland (closed)
9:00  Peru vs Denmark
12:00 Croatia vs Nigeria

6/17 – Sunday
5:00 Costa Rica vs Servia (closed)
8:00  Germany vs Mexico
11:00 Brazil vs Switzerland

6/18  – Monday
5:00 Sweden vs Korean Republic (closed)
8:00 Belgium vs Panama
11:00 Tunisia vs England

6/19 – Tuesday 
5:00 Colombia vs Japan (closed)
8:00  Poland vs Senegal 
11:00 Russia vs Egypt

6/20 – Wednesday
5:00  Portugal vs Morocco (closed)
8:00 Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia
11:00  Iran vs Spain

6/21 – Thursday
5:00  Denmark vs Australia (closed)
8:00  France vs Peru
11:00 Argentia vs Croatia

6/22 – Friday
5:00 Brazil vs Costa Rica  (closed)
8:00 Nigeria vs Iceland
11:00 Serbia vs Switzerland

6/23 – Saturday
5:00 Belgium vs Tunisia (closed)
8:00 Korean Republic vs Mexico
11:00 Germany vs Sweden

6/24 – Sunday
5:00 England vs Panama (closed)
8:00 Japan vs Senegal
11:00 Poland vs Colombia

6/25 – Monday
7:00  Saudia Arabia vs Egypt
7:00  Uruguay vs Russia
11:00 Iran vs Portugal
11:00 Spain vs Morocco

6/26 – Tuesday
7:00 Australia vs Peru
7:00 Denmark vs France
11:00 Iceland vs Croatia
11:00 Nigeria vs Argentia

6/27  – Wednesday
7:00 Korea Republic vs Germany
7:00 Mexico vs Sweden
11:00 Serbia vs Brazil
11:00 Switzerland vs Costa Rica

6/28 – Thursday
7:00 Japan vs Poland
7:00 Senegal vs Colombia
11:00 England vs Belgium
11:00 Panama vs Tunisia

Round of 16

6/30 – Saturday
7:00 France vs Argentina
11:00 Uruguay vs Portugal

7/1 – Sunday
7:00 Spain vs Russia
11:00 Croatia vs Denmark

7/2 – Monday
7:00 Brazil vs Mexico
11:00 Belgium vs Japan

7/3 – Tuesday
7:00 Sweden vs Switzerland
11:00 Columbia vs England

Quarter Finals

7/6 – Friday
7:00 Uruguay vs France
11:00 Brazil vs Belgium

7/7 – Saturday
7:00 Sweden vs England
11:00 Russia vs Croatia


7/10 – Tuesday

7/11 – Wednesday

Third Place

7/14 – Saturday


7/15 -Sunday

Special Breakfast Menu

Bratwurst Breakfast Sandwich
House made Bratwurst patty, egg, and cheese on a market fresh roll, served with German fried potatoes

Breakfast Bratrrito
House made Bratwurst, German fried potato, and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla, served with German fried potatoes

Leberkasse Sandwich
Sliced Bavarian Leberkasse loaf on a market fresh roll, served with German fried potatoes

Fresh Market Danish
A selection of Alpine Market’s fresh baked Danish

World Cup Drink Specials


Bloody Mary

Bloody Maria

Fresh Brewed Coffee or Tea